Powell River Board of Education
Learners Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow

Thank you for your interest in the PIE Program. If you would like to register, please print and sign the Release of Information page (see link at the bottom of this page as well as on the documents tab of our website) and submit this online registration form. Additionally, we need a copy of the student's care card to establish proof of residency.

The registration process will not be complete until we receive the submitted online form, copy of the care card, as well as the printed and signed Release of Info document. Instructions for how to submit the Release of Information page can be found at the bottom of the online registration form. Care cards can be submitted by email or fax (see fax number below).

When entering student grade, please ensure that it reflects the grade in September of the ​current calendar year. For instance, if it is January and your child is in grade 4, please enter grade 5 on the registration form. Or, if it is December and your child is in grade 4, please put grade 4.